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Section 8 / Section 21

We'll handle all the documentation & preparation of section 8 or section 21 notice(s) for you.

Warrant of Possession

We will prepare and submit your application for a warrant of possession to the court.

Bailiff eviction

We instruct eviction by bailiffs if the tenant fails to vacate following possession being granted.

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We explain what tenant eviction entails and the ways our eviction solicitors can help you re claim possession of your rental asset.

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What is Tenant Eviction?

We understand that as a private landlord you may need to evict a tenant. We’re here to help you, no matter the reason. Maybe it’s due to tenants violating contract terms, or perhaps they’re behind on rent. Whatever grounds for eviction you’re facing, we’re equipped to assist you.

As a private landlord, you may also decide to evict a tenant because illegal activity may have been undertaken on your property. Also you may be aware of damage including anti social behaviour on your property or you simply want to make use of the property for yourself.

Whatever the reason you have for wanting to end the tenancy there are strict legal processes you must follow to legally end the contract and regain possession.

When can landlords evict a tenant?

Our purpose is to help you serve the correct notice with ease. There are several grounds that can be cited to regain access to your property, inclusive of but not restricted to, the following options.


Our eviction solicitors are on your side.

We know from experience that you may be feeling upset, angry or feel that you are alone in the battle to gain possession of your property. Rest assured our team will take the stress away and legally support you immediately. 

These are the most common grounds that we help private landlords, council landlords and housing associations with every day in order to evict tenants. There are more grounds we can cite as this is not an exhaustive list. Each case is unique and we must stress that the actions you take initially impact the entire process and we advise you to contact us for a FREE case consultation.

Mandatory grounds  for possession.

Ground 1: The Landlord requires possession as he used to occupy the property as his main home or he now wishes to occupy the property as his main home.

Ground 2: The property is subject to a mortgage and the mortgagee is now entitled to exercise a power of sale.

Ground 3: The tenancy is a fixed term of not more than 8 months and the property was previously a holiday let.

Ground 4: The tenancy is a fixed term of not more than 12 months and the property is student accommodation let out of term.

Ground 5: The property is that of a minister of religion.

Ground 6: The property requires redevelopment.

Ground 7: The tenant has died.

Ground 8: The tenant is in rental arrears.

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Discretionary grounds for possession

Ground 9: Suitable alternative accommodation is available for the tenant upon possession.

Ground 10: The tenant is in arrears of rent.

Ground 11: The tenant has persistently delayed paying rent, whether or not the rent is currently in arrears.

Ground 12: Any obligation of the tenancy has been broken, other than payment of rent.

Ground 13: Due to the tenant’s conduct, the property has deteriorated.

Ground 14: The tenant is causing a nuisance or annoyance to people residing at the property or visiting the property. The tenant is convicted in engaging in illegal or using the property for immoral purposes.

Ground 15: The tenant has allowed the landlords’ furniture to deteriorate due to ill-treatment.

Ground 16: The tenant occupies the property due to his former employment by the landlord.

Ground 17: The Landlord granted the tenancy as a result of a statement made by the tenant which is later found to be false.

Why you must lawfully evict tenants

It might be tempting during an error of judgment to use unlawful methods to evict a tenant from your rental property, but you need to follow the proper legal steps even if it’s time-consuming and tedious. Not doing so puts you at the risk of criminal charges, losing your possession claim, and paying your tenant’s legal fees which is something to avoid.

Unlawful ways to evict a tenant include: locking the doors, prohibiting access to parts or all of the property, intimidating the tenant, removal of their possessions, and forceful eviction.

Serving a section 8 notice

You can serve a section 8 notice at any point during the tenancy if your tenants have broken the terms of the tenancy agreement, for instance, by failing to pay their rent. The valid grounds for serving a section 8 notice are set out in schedule 2 of the Housing Act 1988.

To give your tenants notice using a Section 8, you must fill in a ‘Notice seeking possession of a property let on an assured tenancy or an assured agricultural occupancy’.

Steps to take when evicting tenants

Section 21 of the Housing Act outlines a landlord’s process for serving notice to tenants. Depending on the scenario, it may be necessary to serve a possession order to the tenant. In court, a standard possession order comes at a cost of £325.

For rent arrears, landlords can provide tenants with a two-week notice to pay or vacate the property. If payment is not received, landlords can pursue rent arrears and serve additional eviction notices. Other lease violations may also warrant notice, and we can assist with drafting and serving it accurately.

It’s crucial to follow strict procedures to ensure tenants are not wrongfully evicted from their homes. We offer access to legal advice to guide you through this process. Failure to adhere to the rules could result in a successful defence from the tenant.

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